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Revizto V: Ver. - The obvious feature. THE MAP TOOL!



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    Kevin Golding

    Thanks for the update David. Can you expand on one of the other fixes 'Improved pan navigation in 3D.' I notice it will now pan nicely even when you're pointing in space or on a transparent object - which is great. Is there anything else worth noting?

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    David Gomez

    You are welcome Kevin! As far as further update,

    now that the map tool is directly tied into the Issue Tracker you'll notice your default issue appearance can directly reflect to your map tool as well. 

    • isolating clash by section box 
    • isolating with transparency 
    • show all
    • custom appearance profiles 

    can also reflect inside the map tool. This has been available in previous versions, but can now be taken advantage of since the map tool has been relocated. 

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