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Sheet compare as Sheet overlay for multiple Sheets



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    Laura Sharpe

    Hello Jose Samaniego. Thanks for your suggestion, I've added it to the wish list. 

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    Perrin Romney

    This! Procore is fast but extremely limited on overlay capability. Bluebeam is extremely capable but takes awhile to set each overlay up. Since Revizto sheets are much smarter than just PDFs, please leverage this to create overlays that are automatic, flexible, fast, and perfectly aligned. Being able to save these overlays as viewpoints similar to the 3D functionality would be even better, and exporting as a PDF would be awesome.

    I would recommend that you try to overlay views, not sheets. The title blocks are a pain when there is more then one. Following the general flow of the way other things already work in Revizto, My ideal workflow would be:

    1. Navigate to desired base sheet
    2. Click overlay button (Overlay Dialogue Opens)
    3. Select from list of saved overlays for that sheet or click "Custom Overlay"
    4. Choose base sheet color (this would probably be optional - you could probably leave the sheet as-is and treat the overlay as a markup)
    5. Click "Add Layer" (Layer Dialogue opens)
    6. Choose sheet
    7. Select view from sheet
    8. Choose layer color (and other display properties such as min/max line thickness and transparency if you want to get super awesome)
    9. Choose line merge style (Overlay vs Highlight vs Merge, similar to Bluebeam)
    10. Click OK (Layer Dialogue Closes and new layer is added below base layer with an edit button on right of each row)
    11. Either "Add Layer" Again or generate overlay
    12. Once overlay appears, button at top to save public or private.

    If you could create this feature it would be nearly good enough to be a selling point on its own for the entire software. Please make this a priority!


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