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    David Gomez

    Hi Kevin,

    While there is no direct feature that manages all issue updates from one panel.

    Might I suggest using the following:

    • Custom Issue Presets w/sorting order configured to "by status" and "last update date" 
    • Activate Filter function within issue comments to view by "issue comments", "attachments", "field changes", "markup changes"

    By controlling these two features will allow you to quickly sort through updated performed by other users within the project. 
    This will reduce time and eliminate the need to filter through your existing presets and issues manually. 

    Tip: You can also add the sorting order I suggested above to your existing issue presets.


    Hope this helps!


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    Kaden Kartchner

    I second the request. We can search through the issues based on Title, but it would also be helpful to search based on comments or keywords. See example: 

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