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move section cut tool on plane without snapping to surface



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    David Gomez

    Hi Michiel,

    If using the "section plane" or "section box" with the "fit section box around selection" feature does not help -

    Could you email me directly at I would like to better understand your use case and to be able to communicate your request to our development team correctly. 



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    Perrin Romney

    I would just hit escape - it will maintain the section and remove the handle. When you're ready to move again, just hit CTRL+X and it pops right back up.

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    Machiel Basson

    Thank you David and Perrin for your suggestion, and sorry for just seeing it now. I did just try it but unfortunately it does not work for my purposes.

    I think it might help to give a more detailed example of my use case:
    This is most prevalent when I am reviewing a service that runs along the length of a corridor, such as a duct/pipe to see if any pipes or cables are passing through it or too close to be mounted properly. To do this I would use the section plane with a 3d mouse and "pan" through the model as it continually cuts the model revealing details as I move the "cut" forward and backward. (to do this the section tool needs to be in use constantly)

    The specific issue I have is most often the only object I can snap the section cut tool to is the object I am reviewing, and that leaves the section tool in the way of seeing what I want to look at in detail.

    Below is an simpler example (for lack of a non confidential project) of what the feature/solution I am looking for, I have snapped to the end of a underground pipe and want to move the section along the pipe and check the interior/ surroundings for clashes/issues. But in the current view of the section tool blocks most of what I am wanting to look at. I would want a option to just move it slightly left or right so that i can still use it but it isn't in the way of the pipe

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