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Cannot open federated IFC export


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    Corey Clasen

    Hey Mr. Castillo! I know we just spoke on the phone, but I wanted to leave a comment here about what we talked about. When you are exporting out a Federated  IFC file from Revizto, make sure that all unnecessary models are unlinked via the Load/Unload models (Chain link icon) or by unlinking them in the Object tree, especially Point Clouds or Scans. File size is important when trying to get another software to open IFC files so the smaller you can make it the better. Also, if exporting a Federated IFC file is still too large, it is possible to create individual file IFCs by unchecking the Federated IFC checkbox in the export dialog box.

    Also, at any point you are able to revert back to an older version of the project by selecting "Project" in the top right then selecting "Versions" if you are trying to see a certain point in time.

    Hope this helps!

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