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Reflected Ceiling Plan



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    Laura Sharpe

    While we don't create drawings we can get you most of the way there.

    1. From the 2D space find the ceiling plan you want use. This can be from Procore if the integration has been enabled.
    2. Use the 2D sheet overlay button (the green house) or create a 2D sheet overla in the 3D space.
    3. Because it is a ceiling plan you may need to adjust the sheet cut plane.
    4. Adjust the visibility, colours and transparency of the model elements. Save this as an Appearance Template for other overlays.
    5. Save this a Viewpoint or create an issue.
    6. By creating an issue you can include it in reports as an image.

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    Daniel Starr

    Awesome.  I will have to try out this workflow.

    Thank you for your suggestion

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