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Appearance Templates taking time to load


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    Brian Nicholson

    I also have slow loading times when changing appearance templates. At RevUP 24 last month, I had David Gomez review my project model and he indicated that the numerous appearance settings I had applied to various search sets would slow the process up. He recommended combining items in one action, such as selecting all search sets to hide in lieu of hiding each individual search set or model. He also recommend creating 'cascading' search sets with larger catch all Revit/IFC data categories to simplify the search set vs more granular sets from properties and groups of conditions. This becomes dependent on the data in the model, but I've since gone back and requested 'worksets' from the trades and designers to grab larger groups and having less lines of 'code' that the program is analyzing. I'll be using this on the next project but am pretty deep in the current one and some of these changes haven't made a noticeable impact yet.

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