2D button

Working with 2D sheets

“2D” button allows working with 2D documents attached to the project. Moreover, overlaying 2D on top of 3D model is one of the most practical functions that Revizto could achieve easily. This option can enhance the way of how 2D sheet review has been preceded traditionally.

If the project has been exported with 2D Sheets, after clicking “2D” you will see the folders with the names as files’ names and sheets inside corresponding folder.

Here you can edit tags for each sheet and open any of them for review.

Revizto allows one to create an issue on any place of a sheet and view it in 3D to the corresponding elevation / coordinate location. For more details view Issue Tracker section of this User Guide.

If you want to make a leap from 2D sheet to the same place in 3D you just need to click on the “Jump to 3D” button. After that the active area on the sheet will be highlighted with light green. Click on the selected spot and you will be teleported to the corresponding point in 3D.

Furthermore, 2D sheets from Revit and ArchiCAD are automatically overlay on corresponding place in 3D model. Instead of reviewing sheets on paper, simply click the little green house symbol on a sheet and combined view will be opened (align the 2D sheet on top of the 3D model).

Once in the combined view, you can always proceed with the section cut functionality (see Section cut chapter).

Watch the video tutorial

If a project in Revit has sheets linked to one another, in this case you can view it in Revizto. These links marked as light blue circles in a 2D sheet. When you hover the cursor on it you will see the name of the linked sheet. Clicking on it will open this new sheet.

Import PDF and DWFX files

In “2D” section of the menu you have a possibility to create a new folder, manage folders’ structure and also import PDF and DWFX files.

When you import a new PDF or DWFX file you can choose how you want to name sheets in Revizto based on the file name or page label. This choice will be remembered and applied for others imports. Also you can connect it to existing 2D sheet by clicking the “Connect” button.

Note: When you import a file with the same name which already exists, Revizto will automatically propose to create a new revision of this sheet. You will have an option to create a separate document by clicking the “Disconnect” button. Or anytime you can disconnect already connected sheets.

Any 2D sheet can be overlaid on 3D scene. To set up, just click and crop a sheet area which will be mapped on 3D.

Make section cut for the sheet.

Drag pivot points with Ctrl to match pivot points with corners of the facility in 2D sheet and after that drag it with corners of the facility in 3D. If needed you can tune section cut during this process.

When you finalize this process you will see a little green house on the sheet. Identical to sheets directly imported from Revit.

2D Sheets revisions

Revizto supports revisions of 2D Sheets that you can view using the “Show previous revisions” button on 2D section.

A new revision is created when you click the “Sync” button. There are two options to update a sheet:

  • By re-export 2D Sheets with or without model from BIM software.
  • When you import a new PDF or DWFX file and connect it to the existing 2D sheet.