Adding a user to the license

For collaboration through the Cloud you have to create a project team for each project.

Primarily a new team member in the project should have a Revizto license. Only the owner of the Revizto license (Super Administrator), Administrator and content creator can add a new user to the license.

Note: A content creator can only add people to the license through project sharing. Each new user will be added as a collaborator only.

To do this open Revizto website, log in to your account and open License tab.

From here you can manage the team.

Note: The user who already has Revizto license will be free of charge and won’t count in the license.

You can also use the following ways to add users to the license:

  • The “Share” button on the top left of the Revizto toolbar (for more details view Share button section)
  • The Revizto Workspace (on the web). Choose the project and open the private sharing tab on Workspace

Once added, the user will be automatically consume one of your licenses as a collaborator if they have not already consumed a license. Later you can manage his/her status on a Teams management page.

Note: Licenses are tied to the users email address and can only consume one license. If they are added to additional projects your available license count will stay the same.