Adding a user to the license

Manage a license

To work with Revizto app each user should be invited to Revizto license and activate the license through the Internet. Only the owner of Revizto license (Super Administrator), Administrators and content creators can add new users to the license.

Note: The content creators can only add users to the license through project sharing. These users will be added as collaborators or as guests if they have another license in the same region. Later you can manage his/her role on the Users management page.

To view license info or manage it, visit Revizto Workspace

License tab

There is a drop-down menu with the list of licenses you belong to. Expired licenses are marked with red. Click on the license you need and the “License info” page will open. This page is available for all users from the license but only Super Administrator and Administrators can manage it, all others can just view it. From here you can manage:

  • Owner of the license: just type e-mail of a new owner and choose your new role
  • Team name: edit a license name
  • Users: view the limit of users and open the “Manage users” page
  • Projects: view the limit of projects and open the “Manage projects” page

Also on this page all users can view their role in the license, region of the license (where Amazon server is located), license expiration date and the list of license administrators.

Manage Users tab

This page is available only for Super Administrator and Administrators. If you are the owner or administrator of several licenses you will see a drop-down menu when click on the ‘Manage Users” tab. Choose the license you need and the “Manage users” page will be opened.

On top of the page you can see two tabs “Activity chart” (showed by default) and “License dashboard”:

  • User activity chart demonstrates how many users worked with projects in Revizto app during the selected period. The chart takes in account the filter settings and the search results from below. You can get user activity excel report by clicking on the “Export to Excel” button. Excel report will be sent to you by email. The file has 4 pages:
    • Info – general info about this report
    • Users (opened by default) – the list of all users in the license with the following info: email, role, number of active days, date of last activity, number of projects involved, names of these projects, user tags
    • Activity – the number of active users and their emails per each date in the selected period
    • Chart – demonstrates the results of Activity table
  • License dashboard shows general license statistics:
    • total - total number of user slots in the license
    • in use - the number of user slots in use. Guests and license owner are not counted towards this number
    • inactive – the number of users who didn’t work with projects hosted in this license in Revizto app during the selected period
  • Choose a time period for statistics: last 360 days, last 90 days, last 30 days, last 7 days, last 24 hours.

  • Filter users by:
    1. Status: Active – users, who opened any project in this license within the selected period, Inactive – users, who didn’t work with any project hosted in this license within the selected period.
    2. Role: user’s role in the license
    3. Tag: Union – users with at least one tag from the list; Intersection – users with all tags from the list; Exclusion – users without all tags from the list
    4. Save as: save a search preset for the future
  • “Add users” button: here you can add new users to the license. You can add multiple emails at once, if they are separated by commas. If you are adding a user who is already in the license, his/her role will be changed to the one you specified.

Roles in the license

Role Is counted towards license limit Create brand new projects Add new users Work with projects were invited to
Super Admin No Yes Yes Yes
Administrator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content creator Yes Yes only through project sharing Yes
Collaborator Yes No No Yes
Guest No No No Yes

Super administrator is the license owner. There can be only one super admin. He/she can’t be removed from the license by others and his/her role can’t be changed by other users. He/she is also an administrator.

Administrators have full control over the license. They can manage users and projects. If they need to access projects within Revizto (and they are not invited there yet) they need to grant themselves permissions on those projects through the website first.

Content creators can upload brand new projects into the license. They also can invite unlicensed users to the projects. In that case those people will be assigned Collaborator or Guest role in the license. Guest role will be assigned to users already having a valid paid Revizto license in the same geographical region. Content creators only have access to projects they created or were invited to.

Collaborators can only work with projects they were explicitly invited to. Within those projects, their rights are controlled by their project access level (they can be project admins no problem).

Guest is a special role for users already having another valid paid license in the same geographical region. Guests are not counted towards the license limit. Their rights are equal to Collaborator’s.

  • “Edit tag” button: create a new tag, assign tags to users, remove tag
  • “Set role” button: multi editing of users’ roles
  • “Send email” button: choose the list of receipts who will get your email, type a title and a message and click Send

For users in the “Active” tab:

  • “Deactivate” button: choose users who must be deactivated, in this case they will lose access to your license and won’t be counted towards the license limit.

For users from “Deactivated” list:

  • “Reactivate” button: restore users with their roles and previous access to the projects
  • “Delete” button: if users are not needed any more in the license. Deleted users can’t be restored.

Note: Guest users are not counted towards the license limit. However, if you need to change the role of a guest to any other role he/she will take a license seat.