Revizto Console

Revizto has released the first version of its console, which allows to export all information about the issues from the Issue Tracker in xlsx format. If needed, the file can be generated automatically by using the Windows Task Scheduler, for example, on a daily basis. Further the file can be used for creating custom reports using user’s scripts or third party applications.

To start the Revizto console application:

  • open Windows console
  • specify Revizto console’s folder location, by default it is C:\Program Files\Vizerra LLC\Revizto4\Service
  • run ReviztoConsole.exe

Here you have 3 options:

  • help: Open console’s help
  • projects: Show the list of your projects with their ID, Folder and Title
  • issues ––project Id Folder ––export xlsx ––outfile filepath: Export all available for user issues to xlsx file. For example,

Note: if the user doesn’t login in Revizto, he/she will get the following error “No login”. In this case the user has to open Revizto and log in.