Revizto User Manual

This user manual focuses on suggested uses of Revizto software and provides guidelines for how to utilize Revizto as one unified issue tracking platform to share 3D models, 2D sheets and issues for efficient collaboration within the entire project team.

The purpose of this user manual is not only intended for presenting and instant sharing of the BIM data, but to seamlessly integrate Revizto into project workflow to better identify, track and solve issues throughout all phases of the project life cycle.

The included information covers topics such as Revizto settings, Revizto Issue Tracker and key features with the goal of giving users the knowledge, self-sufficiency, and freedom to manage and troubleshoot all aspects of Revizto across the team and organization.

Start up

Getting a project into Revizto

View 2D

View 3D

Sharing projects

Issue Tracker

Manage projects

Visual tuning

License management

VR Viewer