How to install Revizto

To download Revizto you need to have a Revizto account. There are two options to get it:

  • If you are a Super Admin of the Revizto license you will get an email with the login and password.
  • If you are a team member you should get an email invitation. If you didn’t receive the invitation, you can check the Spam box or ask your Super Admin to invite you to the team. When the invitation is received, follow the instructions to create your account.

When you are done setting up your Revizto account you can download the Revizto software.

1) Log in to the Revizto website Here you need to specify the “Region”: use Auto for automatic identification or choose the region manually to which your license belongs to (where your projects will be stored).

2) Open the Download page, download Revizto and follow the installation instruction. Most users will need Revizto + Plugins.

You can download the up-to-date version of Revizto here:

Watch the video tutorial