Intersect search sets in Navisworks

The button “Intersect search set” in Revizto tool ribbon of Navisworks creates clash tests based on search sets intersection.

Note: This tool uses only search sets, not selection sets. Search sets are marked by binoculars icons in the “Manage Sets” dialog of Navisworks.

After click on the “Intersect search set” button you will see a dialog window divided into two parts. Each part shows search sets tree with a small differences:

  • in the left part of the dialog you can choose only one item of search sets tree,
  • in the right part you can choose several items.

So, for each item from the left part you can choose several items from the right part.

The tool remembers this choice and generates clash tests in which objects from the left search set clash with objects from each search set from the right part:

Clash tests are named in accordance with the names of clashed search sets. All clashes for one test are united in one group. You can explode the group into separate clashes if you want.