Project button

Click the “Project” button on the toolbar to choose an action with the project.

New project

“New” tab allows to create a new project.

The project can be published to:

  • Cloud – upload a new project to Cloud space.
  • Shared location – upload a new project to the local network
  • None – create a new local project

Here you have two options for “What to upload”:

  • Full scene – all team members who have necessary rights can modify the project (edit or append 3D and 2D, etc.)
  • View only scene – the project can be modified only from PC where the project has been uploaded to the Cloud, all others can view and collaborate on it.

Need to choose the “Team” – this is the name of the team to whom the license belongs.

Note: You can publish the project to “Cloud” or “Shared location” only if you have appropriate rights. You should be Administrator or Content creator in Revizto license.

Open project

In the “Open Project” screen, double-click on a project to open it. To sort available projects by recent usage or by name, click a corresponding icon on the toolbar.

Note: In this gallery, you may have your own projects uploaded to the Cloud, projects already on the Cloud shared with you or local projects.

For each project you can open additional menu by clicking “Edit” button in the gallery menu and after that on a project.

  • Archive project – create an archive of the project;
  • Unsubscribe – from the cloud project in which you’ve been invited;
  • Load full cache – if you need to work offline with the project incl. 2D sheets and issues you need to download it to a device using this option;
  • Clear cache – delete the local version of the cloud project.

Archive and Delete project

If the team doesn’t need to work with the project anymore, it can be archived. The owner of the project or a license administrator can archive the project from project gallery in Revizto (see above) or in the Workspace through project info:

After archiving, the project won’t be available for all team members. Only the following people can work with it:

  • the owner can open it for viewing from Revizto gallery as “inactive” project

  • the license administrator or the owner can view the project info in Revizto Workspace and also can restore the project if needed. All the team will get the same access to the project as before activating

Note: The project can be deleted only after archiving but after deleting nobody can restore it.


The “Import” tab is active only for the user who has Edit 3D or Append 3D rights and allows importing a model in IFC and FBX formats.


“Revisions” tab shows all revisions of a project which synced to the Cloud. All users can open any revision for viewing but only the users with “Revert project to older revision” rights can roll back to a previous revision at any time.

Save as

“Save as” tab allows the saving of a project as local with all project information (3D, 2D, project Issues which are available for the user).

Export to EXE

“Export to exe” tab allows the creation of a self-executable file for the project with embedded Revizto software. Any user can open this file on 64-bit Windows PC without Revizto installation.

Export for MAC

“Export for MAC” tab allows the creation of a self-executable file for the project with embedded Revizto software. Any user can open this file on MAC without Revizto installation.