Revizto hardware requirements


CPU, GPU, RAM are needed for Revizto

The system requirements for working with Revizto mostly depend on the size and complexity of models which you plan to work with.

The initial conversion into Revizto from your authoring software relies mostly on CPU. To reduce long export times for large models choose a machine with a decent amount of CPU or use the Revizto export scheduler. The export scheduler still uses CPU but can be planned during non-working hours.

Real time navigation relies mostly on GPU and RAM. The Graphics Card is also very important if you’re using a higher graphic quality or looking to view in VR. The NVIDIA GTX 1080 is a great choice for anyone needing great visual quality.


  • We recommend Apple IOS powered tablets: iPad Air 2 and better.
  • Android tablets are less preferred due to a huge variety of the available models and potential device-specific problems. In case Android is your only possible choice we recommend current top devices from vendors like Samsung, Google, LG, Asus, etc.
  • MS Surface Pro 4 is a good choice if you need a Windows device.